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Enter a new age of storytelling.

Senrama is an AI-Generation Entertainment Platform (Gen Ai) we are creating a dynamic transmedia science fiction franchise and universe for Ai artists, visual storytellers, and multimedia creators with a financial foundation built with web3 technology

VisionArtificial intelligence
AI will enable us to create highly immersive and interactive virtual worlds, and transmedia experiences that will allow users to fully immerse themselves in the Senrama story universe.
A strong community is essential to the success of our universe. We are working to create a platform that encourages collaboration, networking, and social interaction among users.
We are working to create a platform that allows creators to share and monetize their creative content. While building sustainable careers.
We are working to create an immersive and interactive universe. Storytelling is a powerful way for creators to interact, engage and connect with audiences.



Why Senrama?

We're Building A New UniverseWe’re developing a new type of interactive multimedia science fiction franchise for the Ai, Blockchain, and Metaverse generation.Empowering Users To Create ContentWe’re putting power into the hands of the community. Our community will help shape and mould the universe and earn from their creations.Created For The Benefit Of AllBlockchain is for everyone, we are building mass adoption applications for creators, and facilitating creator NFT assets for investors and collectors.

Token Utility: RAMA Token

InvestorsCreator and world assets can be purchased in our marketplace with the RAMA world token.CollectorsNFT collectors can trade creator assets in the Senrama marketplace.CreatorsWe are developing a creator platform that will offer monetization with our token.




We are actively moving towards our ITO for 2023!

Phase 4 - Marketplace MVPIn this phase, we will be launching MVPs of our creator applications, which will ultimately feature a marketplace for community members and investors to trade, flip and liquidate in-world NFTs, assets and collectibles.Phase 3 - Community BuildingIn this phase, we will be building our MVPs. While gaining CEX listings and building a strong community of diverse creators and like-minded individuals.Phase 2 - Seeding ITOIn the second phase, we will be conducting a seed ICO/ITO sale to raise funds for further development, social media marketing, and community foundation.Phase 1 - InceptionTeam building and community foundation: In this phase, we will be focusing on establishing the Senrama concepts and base story.

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